Our customers have entrusted us with their unique, most challenging needs in lead and lead-based products and services for more than a century. Working with our customers to understand their requirements over time has enabled us to acquire extensive experience in industries where experience matters. The results speak for themselves: solutions that are custom-crafted with precision and that meet and exceed international standards.

Our world class services include:

  • Lead burning (welding) on site, or at our facilities
  • Lead filling of nuclear storage containers
  • Specialized babbitting and re-babbitting services
  • Lamination of sheet lead to plywood and other materials for radiation protection
  • Supply and installation of lead brick walls in hospitals and research facilities
  • Supply of lead-lined cabinets in hospitals and research facilities
  • Lead lining of tanks on-site, or at our facilities


Lead Burning

lead burning
Canada Metal offers industry-leading lead-burning capabilities, with a heritage of expertise in the design, fabrication, repair and installation of lead products and components. Our lead burning services are performed using stringent safety protocols, and are provided in-house and on-site. Over a century of experience in lead-burning enables us to undertake complex projects and deliver precision-crafted solutions in a limitless range of industries and environments.

Lead Filling

We bring over a century of experience and know-how to lead filling for the nuclear industry, using lead that meets or surpasses ASTM B29-03-L50021 standards. Our facilities have the capacity to accomplish single pours of up to 20 tons with 0% porosity. Our expertise extends to all types of lead filling, including nuclear storage containers, flasks and handling equipment. Ultrasonic testing (UT) and Radiation testing (RT) are also available at our facilities. Our quality assurance program guarantees that our work meets the highest nuclear industry standards for radiation protection.
lead filling


Canada Metal provides specialized babbitting services for new bearings and re-babbitting or babbitt bearing repair services to repair and restore used bearings to service. We guarantee a min. adhesion of 85% on bearings babbitted by Canada Metal. As we manufacture the alloys, we can provide customized service for customers’ specific requirements and applications. We can provide a rapid turnaround to minimize customer downtime in breakdown situations. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Lead Lamination

Canada Metal offers specialized lamination of sheet lead, bonded to plywood, drywall, cement board, steel and other materials, ready for use in environments where radiation protection is required. Our laminated products are subject to independent testing to ensure quality and performance.
Lead Lamination

Lead Extrusion

Lead Extrusion
Our engineers and product designers bring deep knowledge of lead processes to lead rolling, drawing and extrusion technologies to produce plates, bars, wire and tubing and specialty alloys for a variety of applications across a broad range of industries.

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