Benefits of Using Lead Plumbing Joints

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: June 9, 2017

Those in need of lead plumbing joints – as well as other lead-based products – will appreciate the expertise and deliverables of Canada Metal.

Lead is a very malleable metal that offers extensive benefits in plumbing applications. Lead is extremely stable and endurable. The ductile property of lead – and the fact that it can be manufactured and formed for near endless purposes – makes it ideal for a range of piping functions and particularly as piping, wiped joints and plumbing joints.

By way of illustration, lead is resistant to corrosion by such things as home cleaning products and chemicals, thereby making it an ideal material for use in infrastructure and for waste water applications. Plus, the combined attributes of lead make the metal especially suitable to scenarios where there might be concerns about unsteady ground, as in earthquake-prone regions or along coastlines. And when it comes to repairing existing lead pipes, including for piping systems that might be as old as a century or more, lead plumbing joints quickly come to the rescue as a virtually indestructible material.

In plumbing applications, lead makes an excellent moisture barrier with a durability that can outlast most buildings, structures, and groundworks. Lead is also remarkably versatile: Along with its many uses as piping joints, stubs and bends, lead is renowned for its properties in radiation shielding; the importance of which is vital in medical and nuclear industries concerning X-ray shielding, MRI shielding, and nuclear shielding. In short, lead is indispensable across a broad range of industries.

Lead is a toxic element; and as a precaution, all industries are advised to heed regulations and protocols as it applies to the use of lead products.

Canada Metal North America (CMNA) is a top supplier of metals, metal products, and lead-based products for industries in trades and construction, oil and gas, hospital and medical, aerospace, national defense and more. Canada Metal is able to provide all types of lead pipe, wiped joints and plumbing joints including stubs and bends, as well as various other forms of lead fittings, couplings, connectors, adapters and more. Business and industry that require special custom-made lead plumbing joints – or other customized forms of lead – will welcome the capabilities of Canada Metal. Canada Metal has a hundred-plus years as a top supplier. The company’s extensive qualifications and capabilities make it a principal supplier for even the most demanding of industries.

For answers to your questions about lead and to consult about the fulfillment of your company’s requirements for lead products, Canada Metal welcomes inquiries for standard and custom products.

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