Advantages of Having Lead Lining in Cabinets for Hospitals

Lead-lined cabinets can be used in various industries, but they are most commonly used in hospitals and nuclear facilities, such as nuclear medicine and nuclear power. Lead filling produces an effective barrier that can protect staff, equipment, and other materials from radioactive components. Hospitals may need to store radioactive materials or radioactive waste. These materials … Continue reading “Advantages of Having Lead Lining in Cabinets for Hospitals”

Importance of Lead-lined Doors in the Healthcare Industry

Hygiene and protection matter in all kinds of settings. But they matter most in the healthcare industry, due to the sensitive activities and procedures that take place there. Hygiene and protection matter can be anything from: Soundproofing Sealing essentials such as lead welding for enhanced durability However, what the importance of lead filling is indoors … Continue reading “Importance of Lead-lined Doors in the Healthcare Industry”

The History & Future of Lead

Humans have been using lead for a long time. The Romans used it to construct their famous aqueducts, which connected the plumbing systems with pipes made of this versatile metal. Lead ingots have many applications that were discovered over centuries and Canada Metal is one company that produces bulk lead ingots in Canada. They are … Continue reading “The History & Future of Lead”