Why Interlocking Lead Bricks Are One Of The Best Materials For Radiation Protection

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: February 26, 2018

Lead is one of the best materials used in radiation protection. Interlocking lead bricks offer outstanding features and benefits because of their versatility. They are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, including corner units.

Bricks and blocks

Lead is the leading material for radiation attenuation because of the high density and high atomic number of lead. Radiation shielding effectiveness is based on the density of the shielding material, its resistance to damage, its thermal properties, its cost and availability and, most importantly, its radiation attenuation effectiveness. Lead is a material that meets all these criteria. Lead is effective at blocking gamma rays, x-rays, and other types of nuclear radiation. But the specific use of lead in the form of interlocking lead bricks is especially invaluable because of their flexibility of use in the field of radiation shielding/protection. Here’s why:

A major advantage of using interlocking lead bricks for radiation protection is the dual benefit of the intrinsic properties of lead as a radiation barrier and the flexibility of use for this form of lead. Other lead shielding materials commonly in use are: lead clad building materials, lead laminated panels, lead sheet and foil, and even lead glass, to name some of the more popular forms. However, whereas lead sheet, slab, and plate make for excellent permanent shield installations, lead brick offers convenience and flexibility. When used as shielding, where the thickness of lead required precludes the use of lead sheet lead, bricks are a boon to the installer in that they can be easily handled without the requirement of heavy lifting equipment. Lead bricks are an easily handled material that can be moved, restructured, relocated, and reused as required. This is particularly beneficial in research facilities where the size shape and flexibility of lead shielding is vital. This attribute of lead bricks makes the material customizable in numerous applications and designs, allowing for lead walls and barriers to be constructed to suit any number of radiation barrier needs and specifications such as the use of “Lead Castles”. In addition, a properly constructed lead barrier using lead bricks effectively eliminates the risk of radiation leakage.

Lead brick shielding allows for interchangeable wall units and barriers.

So, in conjunction with the density, stability, high atomic number, and excellent shielding properties of lead, lead interlocking brick is an excellent material in that it can be easily structured into any number of required forms.

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