Lead Bricks: Features and Benefits

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: January 15, 2021

Lead is one of the most protective materials when it comes to radiation shielding. Any companies dealing with nuclear power or products that release radiation need to choose the right solutions for their shielding needs. Using lead bricks for shielding is an ideal way to create a shield that is customizable and easily moveable.

radiation shielding

When dealing with radiation shielding, you should be looking for products that will do the job right. While you can create huge permanent shields, these tend to be less useful when you are in a situation that is often requiring the shield to move or to be adjusted in shape or size. In these situations, lead bricks are going to be the best option.


One of the significant benefits of using lead bricks for shielding is the versatility. As these are shaped like a standard concrete brick, they can easily be stacked, rearranged, and maneuvered throughout your facilities to meet needs that cannot be met by standard lead sheets. As sheet metal sometimes can be too thick or bulky and not easy to adjust once you have put it in place, using lead bricks for nuclear shielding is an excellent option.

Multiple Applications

Many facility owners love this type of radiation shielding because it can be used for multiple applications. Whether it is for creating walls, coves, partitions, hot-cells, or for the transportation of radioactive material, lead bricks are the right choice. As there are so many applications, they make an excellent investment because if you don’t end up using them for one thing, you are bound to find a use for them doing something else.

Interlocking or Straight

Lead bricks are usually available in two standard types: interlocking or straight. The interlocking uses a chevron type of method, which allows for the creation of sturdy structures. These interlocking bricks ensure that no leakage happens through different bricks. On the other hand, the straight bricks are useful if you will be cutting them, as you don’t risk losing any of the stacking capability as all the edges are flat.

If you are interested in trying our lead bricks for shielding purposes, you should contact Canada Metal today. We have various types of lead bricks available, all of which can serve multiple purposes. Check out our inventory today and place an order to start filling your nuclear shielding needs.

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