Lead Bricks for Radiation Shielding

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: October 14, 2016

Lead is the material of choice for both gamma radiation and x-ray shielding. In particular, lead bricks, provide an effective solution by providing maximum protection in settings where sheet lead is impractical, due the thickness of lead required. They are used in laboratories and hospitals, as well as for specific applications where lead thicknesses greater than ¾” are required over a large area for partitions and walls.

Research laboratories frequently require lead bricks and/or thick lead sheet to create lead “castles” allowing technicians to work with radioactive materials safely and effectively. Bricks made of lead are as versatile as they are effective.

Lead Bricks

Lead bricks are available in a wide array of formats i.e. flat, interlocking (chevron or rounded) and corner bricks. Although lead bricks come in standard sizes they can also be custom made to suit particular shielding requirement and space restrictions. The variety of formats and lead’s inherent shielding properties yield outstanding radiation protection in a multitude of settings.

A significant benefit of bricks with an interlocking design is the ease with which the barrier can be assembled, modified, and re-located in cases where temporary shielding is required. The interlocking feature prevents radiation leakage by eliminating “through” seams.

To ensure that lead bricks do what they were designed to do, only high-quality lead, conforming to ASTM B29-03 L50021, is used. In addition to the formats mentioned, bricks are available in many different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes. When required, flat bricks can be cut to size on site.

Compared to other types of shielding options, lead bricks are highly advantageous. These bricks eliminate exposure to harmful radiation, creating a safer, healthier environment. In addition, bricks made out of lead can be custom designed and manufactured based on the unique requirements of nuclear shielding projects.

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