Radiation Protection / Lead Shielding for Radiation

Radiation protection refers to the safeguards taken to protect people from the hazards of radiation, the harms of which can range from skin burns to advanced cases of radiation sickness. In most cases, lead radiation shielding is used to achieve the same. The uses of radiation have become prevalent across a broad range of industries that includes medicine, science, industry, and power generation. In fact, applications of radiation are used in agriculture, archeology, law enforcement, security screening, mining, space exploration, nuclear power, and more. The requirements for radiation protection are therefore correspondingly diverse and vital.
Factors that are central to the protection from that radiation, include time of exposure, distance from the radiation source, and use of radiation shielding products. It is the use of specially designed shielding products and materials that are fundamental across all industries for radiation protection. Though different materials (metals) are used in radiation shielding, the most effective and the most commonly used material is lead.
Examples of real-world applications of lead shielding for radiation and products include those used by hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, nuclear facilities, and in the transportation of radioactive materials, to name a few. By way of example, radiation protection is assured by such lead products as:

  • Lead shielding
  • Lead lining
  • Lead cabinets
  • Lead containers
  • Lead bricks
  • Lead Shielding For Radiation
  • Radiation Protection
  • Lead shielding

The range of products used in radiation shielding includes partitions and walls, doors, mobile screens and structures, lead bricks, windows and window frames, and more. Lead is one example of a predominantly used material for radiation shielding, but other metals such as cadmium also offer unique properties and applications.
Regardless of how demanding or specialized the need, Canada Metal has the expertise and capabilities to fulfill any requirement for radiation shielding. including lead bricks shielding and nuclear shielding. For over a century, Canada Metal has been a trusted supplier to a broad range of industries that includes medicine, research, nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, mining, and defense. We are a proud member of the OCNI (Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries), an association of leading Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and globally.
For more information, and to discuss the special needs of your business or industry, for radiation shielding or for other metals and metal products, Canada Metal welcomes all inquiries.

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