Various Applications of Lead Sheet

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: January 1, 2017

Lead sheet is used by many different industries and for multiple applications. This type of lead is most commonly used as roofing and flashing, tank lining, soundproofing, radiation shielding, and corrosion protection. There are additional uses associated with waterproofing, nuclear energy shielding, and vibration absorption.

Four Applications Using Lead Sheet

  • Roofing/Flashing – Lead sheet offers flexibility and longevity. Unlike other materials, a sheet of lead can be securely dressed around penetrations and joints. In fact, this is the only material that provides adequate protection in these areas from water damage. Lead also handles temperature fluctuations; it is malleable, preventing cracks; and it will outlast other materials by up to ten times.
  • Soundproofing – Noise is a major challenge for many industries. Recent studies have found that high level noises from machinery and industrial equipment create stress for employees and can lead to permanent hearing damage. Accidents can occur if workers are unable to hear warning signals due to excessive noise. With lead sheets, sound waves are either absorbed, dampened, or blocked. For optimal results, the lead must have the appropriate weight per square foot of barrier. For blocking out sound over a wider range, the lead should be limp, or soft, as opposed to rigid.
  • Radiation Shielding – Lead sheet is commonly used to shield healthcare workers from radiation. For instance, during medical or dental x-rays, lead lined walls and leaded glass create a barrier between the x-ray machine and the x-ray technician for protection against radiation.
  • Waterproofing – In the building industry, underground construction of retail shops, storage facilities, parking garages, subways, tunnels and other structures enable the efficient use of below ground space. For these structures, an effective waterproofing solution is mandatory. High quality sheet lead serves as an impermeable moisture barrier against groundwater infiltration, a major factor impacting building longevity.

For lead sheet, turn to a respected and trusted source, like Canada Metal. The sheet lead we sell meets, if not surpasses, the ASTM B29 – 03 L50021 standard of 99.97 percent purity. We offer same-day shipments from our available inventory, and also handle customized orders. Our sheet lead is ideal for roofing, radiation shielding, soundproofing, tank lining, and corrosion protection. We welcome the opportunity to guide you in your selection, and throughout the installation process.

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