Weather Protection

Canada Metal (Canada Metal North America) is an industry leader in the supply of metals and metal products. Included in the extensive range of the company’s expertise, which encompasses radiation protection and corrosion protection, is the indispensable requirement for weather protection. Methods of weather protection consist of metal flashing weatherproofing, weather-resistant barriers, lead weather proofing, and lead flashing.
Flashing is a roofing industry term that denotes using thin sections of water-resistant and impermeable material that are installed as a weather-resistant barrier to prevent the passage of water into a structure. Metal flashing has become increasingly popular and is among the most recommended of materials for weatherproofing roofs and structures.Metals widely used for flashing comprise lead, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel, copper (and lead-plated copper), and zinc alloy.
Lead weatherproofing typically refers to the use of lead sheets, or lead membrane, in construction.Furthermore, given the many attributes of lead and its malleable nature, lead can be manufactured into many different forms for diverse applications. Lead creates an impermeable moisture barrier that can protect buildings and structures from moisture incursion and,will often last as long as the building itself.Some of the many applications of lead for waterproofing include:

  • Roofing and flashing
  • Underground structures
  • Landscape plots
  • Water storage tanks
  • Water heaters

Features and benefits of lead include:

  • Corrosion Resistance – Lead is resistant to water, salt water, the atmosphere, the majority of natural chemicals, and UV degradation;
  • Longevity – Lead has a long lifespan, so much so that will typically outlast the structure in which it has been installed;
  • Durability – Lead is tough and resilient; it’s isn’t affected by cold and damp conditions or by fluctuations in temperature;
  • Malleability – The malleable nature of lead makes it ideal for forming into various products, including customized-lead products, and that same malleability is a safeguard against cracks.

Included in the many stringent demands of weather protection is the requirement for corrosion protection. More about weather protection and corrosion protection can be learned through the content included on this website. For additional information, and to discuss applications of metal and metal products for your business and industry, please contact Canada Metal directly.

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