What Are the Applications of Lead Ingots?

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: June 29, 2021

Lead ingots are used to create a variety of different products, such as bullets and fishing sinkers. They can also be purchased by enthusiasts who wish to cast their own items using this material in order to produce high-quality hunting ammunition.

However, It’s difficult to work with lead without the risk of exposure. This is why it’s important to never melt lead if you’re not using a proper vent system. Lead fumes are a significant health issue for people in your workshop and should always be regarded when melting or casting objects made out of lead.

Lead ingots

Protect yourself, and others, by wearing all safety equipment available — this includes gloves, goggles,and face shields. It’s a good idea to stay away from children and pregnant people since they are more sensitive and are less equipped to combat these hazardous materials! When purchasing from lead ingot manufacturers, consult with them about safety issues and proper safety procedures.

Lead ingots are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and melting points from your best lead ingots suppliers in Canada, Canada Metal. They can be manufactured at purity levels or as alloys with specific properties to meet your needs.

Lead alloyed with antimony and tin becomes more durable than pure lead, so the metal has many uses that go beyond construction. For example, bullets, because they penetrate better without ricocheting off walls. This saves lives by protecting people from stray shots when firing guns.

Cast Lead Bullets

Though the use of jacketed bullets has been around for much longer than hand-cast lead, they were not as accurate until well into the 20th century. The invention and introduction of a better design finally changed this sentiment despite its age.

Hand-cast bullets are a popular choice for handguns because they are less expensive and easier to create than trying to find the right mould. Hand-cast bullets can be made from materials available from lead ingot manufacturers, which means that you never have an excuse to run out of ammo. You can just make your own.

Lead Sinkers for Fishing

Most lead sinkers for fishing are made for two primary reasons:

  • Because you tend to lose a lot of sinkers, and it’s cheaper to buy from lead ingots suppliers in Canada and make your own
  • Because you can design the exact type of singer you want or need, or experiment with a new design

If you want to keep your lead in a good fluid state, try melting it at 612 Fahrenheit (approximately 322 Celsius). Impurities will float to the surface and can be ladled off. You’ll need something strong as a heat source, though, because any imperfections could make for some tough casting later on.

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