What Combination of Metals Make a Good Solder in the Plumbing Industry?

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: May 4, 2021

When you’re facing disconnected pipes, you’ll need to solder them to join them together. You’ll need to insert hot copper and a melted metal alloy to fuse the pipes in order to avoid leaks and secure the water flowing through them. However, you need to be wary of what metals you use in your solder. You’ll want to consider copper, silver solder, tin, and perhaps other metal combos for your plumbing endeavors.

Silver solder

When conducting your soldering, you need to be careful of the heat and metals you choose. You ultimately want to join the piping for steady water flow, but if you use heat that is too high, you could actually end up melting the piping.

To secure the solder job, you can implement acid flux to ensure nothing goes loose. This will also keep the copper clean if you choose those materials. Keep in mind that some materials could harm and impact the water. Commonly, plumbers would rely on solders containing lead because this process was the easiest. Using tin and low-temperature metals, soldering was easy to do. However, the lead contaminants were making the water running through the piping unsafe to drink. Populations were consuming toxic drinking water that was making them sick. That’s why going lead-free is the best bet for your soldering.

Silver solder is a safe plumbing option. It melts at higher temperatures and enables solid joint connection. You can choose silver brazing, which requires a torch for heating and brazing pipes. This process is safer and more manageable. However, it should be left for an expert plumber to do as long as they practice safety and precaution, especially with the silver brazing.

Silver brazing will cause the molten silver alloy filler to interact with the metal and seal the piping without needing to apply much pressure. You can find silver solder or brazing in various forms. Because these products are antimony-free, zinc-free, and lead-free, they meet the standards of drinking safety.

While silver is useful for plumbing-related soldering or brazing, it’s been deemed helpful for electrical soldering, too. You can find the best wire solder supplier offering safe silver products that meet all safety regulations.

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