What Is the Role of Tin Sheets in Shielding Gamma Radiation?

  • Author: Canada Metal
  • Date: January 20, 2021

When looking to protect your workers and facility from gamma radiation, you need to be using the right protective material. Creating shields for this type of radiation requires much stronger materials as it tends to be more powerful than other types. While a tin sheet cannot, on its own, stop gamma radiation, it will be a vital component of your lead barrier, adding an extra layer of protection or for use in creating the molds for which the lead is poured.

Tin metal sheets in Canada are a highly versatile product and can be used for various purposes around your plant. While there are some limitations to what it can stop in terms of radiation, it is still an essential part of your shielding techniques.

Tin sheet

Lead Pouring

One of the primary elements of shielding gamma radiation is going to be lead pouring. Lead shields are made by pouring lead into a mold, which is then used to stop gamma radiation. However, if you want to ensure that the mold is made correctly, you need to have high-quality material like a tin sheet. This sheet can be molded into your desired shape, making it a customizable option when creating lead shields.

Additional Protective Layer

In addition to being suitable for creating lead molds, tin metal sheets can also be a great addition to any barriers you currently have in place. While they do provide some degree of protection from radiation, they can help bulk up whatever barriers you already have or plan on putting in place.

Nuclear Applications

As the tin sheet is resistant to various corrosion types while also being flexible, you can easily use it for nuclear shield applications. In combination with concrete and lead, the tin metal sheets will be a perfect addition to your nuclear plant, especially when addressing gamma radiation. If you operate a plant dealing with this type of radiation regularly, you should have a hefty supply of this metal at your facilities.

At Canada Metals, we have some of the highest quality tin metal sheets in Canada. Our products are easily customizable, and our customer support staff is excellent at helping your business choose the right product for your needs.

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